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John Baptist de La Salle: The Message of His Catechism 

John Baptist de La Salle wrote his catechism (The Duties of a Christian to God) at a time of unprecedented production of such texts. Brother Jean Pungier discusses the major influences on the Founder’s catechism and demonstrates how De La Salle carefully selected and modified the content he chose to include.

Brother Miguel Febres Cordero

Saint Miguel Febres Cordero of Ecuador combined holiness and a genial personality with intellectual distinction. He earned eminence as teacher, scholar and authority on the Spanish language. Though honored by learned societies of three nations, his greatest joy was preparing children for first Communion. He was canonized in 1984.

Under Mary's Star Book

This booklet is about the life of Brother Adolphe Chatillon, FSC, and his deep devotion to Mary. Brother Adolphe was proclaimed venerable by Pope Benedict XVI in 2011. The cause for his canonization continues.


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