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Considered to be the best popular biography of John Baptist de La Salle in English, this work incorporates modern research to provide an illuminating background on the life and charism of the Founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

I, John Baptist de La Salle

A short, easy-to-read biography of the Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, written by a former Assistant Superior General. The booklet is an excellent introduction to De La Salle for new students, faculty members and other Lasallians.

Lasallian Liturgies

The fourth edition of Lasallian Liturgies, published in February 2016, is an updated and expanded version of the 1994 edition. This new version is 368 pages and includes services for the 140 Brothers have been beatified, canonized or declared venerable since 1994. It is bound and covered in LaCreme Carnelian material.

The Formation of New Teachers

A valuable reading for formators of new teachers in Lasallian schools. This reflective essay addresses the duties, qualities and tasks of the formator and suggests ways to help new teachers become competent professionals and ministers of grace in accordance with the Lasallian tradition.

The Twelve Virtues of a Good Teacher

This English edition of the classic text by Brother Agathon, fifth Superior General of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, describes in detail the virtues of a good teacher in accordance with the listing by Saint John Baptist de La Salle in The Conduct of the Christian Schools (1706) and Collection of Short Treatises (1711). 

The Life of John Baptist de La Salle by Blain (SB)

Three-volume set. Book One: From birth (1651) to the surrender of his personal wealth (1684). Book Two: Continues the story through the critical period of the community in Paris (1704). Book Three: Begins with the loss of the Brothers’ main house in Paris and concludes with the death of De La Salle (1719) and the subsequent royal and papal approval of the Institute. 

The First De La Salle Brothers: 1681-1719

The author has distilled his lifelong research on the early history of the Institute into a comprehensive presentation of the first Brothers of the Christian Schools by way of a documentary and chronology of the 250 Brothers who lived and worked with John Baptist de La Salle during the 40 years he dedicated himself to founding the Institute.


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